Friendstar is a web application that uses interactive social storytelling to help young children cope with Autism Spectrum Disorders. I worked on this app with a small team over the course of seven months, primarily as a developer and technology consultant. The application features character customization through SVG manipulation, tracks users' progress, and records users' choices in a database using Parse. For more information on the project, you can read the corresponding academic article, which was accepted by CHI PLAY.

Demo on iPad


Datajace is a web application optimized for iPhone 5 that allows Magic: The Gathering players to track life totals and damage counters. The current version was created independently over the course of five weeks and is featured on Drexel's Digital Media website. The most challenging aspect of this project was designing the application to display a lot of information while maintaining readability. After taking some time away from the application, I'm planning to redesign it, this time aiming for a more dynamic, gesture-based interface where counters can be displayed for more than two players.

Demo on iPhone

ExCITe App

The ExCITe App is an iOS application I designed and developed for the ExCITe Center at Drexel University over the course of six months. Its purpose is to encourage users to explore the center and interact with the research projects housed there. It features an abstract map through which users can learn about and navigate the space, as well as a lighting control system which demonstrates how widgets can be developed to facilitate user involvement with the center.

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About Me

I'm a Program Manager in Microsoft's Academy for College Hires (MACH) IT program. I graduated from Drexel University, where I pursued a Custom-Designed Major in User Experience Design. My education combined computer science, human-computer interaction, and human-centered design, and my goal is to innovate how we interact with technology to facilitate great experiences. I love talking to and working with other people who are passionate about what they do, so feel free to get in touch!


Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA
Bachelor of Science in User Experience Design, Graduated June 2016, GPA: 3.81


Program Manager — Xbox Microsoft
April 2017—Present

  • Defining, evolving, and communicating features that align to organizational strategies, meet customer needs, and provide competitive differentiation
  • Collaborating with partners in areas such as accessibility, content publishing, marketing, and customer support to educate users, drive adoption, and deliver delightful customer experiences
  • Developing product and industry expertise to identify dependencies and opportunities for innovation

Program Manager — Network Infrastructure Services, Microsoft
July 2016—April 2017

  • Planned and executed the procurement and deployment of over 50 devices to Microsoft- and vendor-owned call centers worldwide to monitor network performance, address issues, and improve customer support services
  • Coordinated work with engineers around the globe to deploy and test DHCP for IPv6 at hundreds of Microsoft sites, contributing to a company-wide migration
  • Drove the streamlining of management processes and adoption of the Agile methodology through participation in an organization-wide virtual team

Interactive Developer, Bluecadet
March 2015—March 2016

  • Collaborated across teams to develop web-based experiences for clients such as Longwood Gardens, The Field Museum, Mural Arts, BRIC, The City of Bethlehem, The Gerald Ford Presidential Museum, and The Thomas Jefferson Foundation
  • Conducted quality assurance testing across major browsers and devices prior to alpha, beta, and final releases to ensure optimal quality and performance

User Experience Designer — The Garage, Microsoft
June 2015—August 2015

  • Designed and built two Windows 10 applications to address the needs of internal customers, iterating based on feedback and user research throughout the process
  • Worked with multiple teams to apply the engineering and customer lifecycles to feature design, reviews, triage, quality monitoring, onboarding, and education
  • Communicated user experiences, design specifications, and justifications with internal clients, multidisciplinary teams, and corporate audiences

Web Developer, Digital Media Department at Drexel University
April 2014—October 2014

  • Developed two mobile web applications that utilize interactive social storytelling to teach children with autism the social skills of greeting in the context of school
  • Consulted with clients to identify the goals, features, constraints, visual design, implementation, and development timeline for both applications
  • Contributed to an academic article published by CHI PLAY

Program Assistant, The ExCITe Center at Drexel University
September 2013—March 2014

  • Designed and developed an iOS application to facilitate user interaction with research projects within the ExCITe Center
  • Worked with members of the App Lab to refine application interfaces and critique novice development tutorials
  • Demonstrated applications and gave tours of the center to individuals of varying backgrounds, including students, trustees, and local business affiliates


Programming Languages & Tools
HTML, CSS, SASS, JavaScript, jQuery, Python, C++, WordPress, Sitecore, Squarespace, Twitter Bootstrap, Angular.js, Node.js, Greensock, Git

Adobe Creative Suite, Axure, Balsamiq, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Visual Studio